Aidani is another variety of the Aegean Sea but, in some ways, it can be considered as an alternative expression of the great wines of Santorini or the perfect blending partner of Assyrtiko. It is a white grape, used to produce dry whites or, in less usual occasions, dessert wines that receive substantial aging in oak.… Continue reading Aidani


Athiri is an ancient white grape variety of the Aegean Sea, used for centuries to make excellent dry white wines. Ever since its qualities were recognized by vine growers across Greece, it has been an essential and extremely elegant expression of the style of white wines produced on the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands. Athiri is a vine… Continue reading Athiri


General info Assyrtiko is one of the most important grape varieties,  not only of Greece but also of the Mediterranean! It is a very resistant variety in both drought and disease. It is cultivated with very interesting results all over Greece, giving wines of different styles. When it’s vinified solo, it can give still, dry,… Continue reading Assyrtiko